Welcome Grad Students and Postdocs to a Muscle Conference titled:

The Muscle Microenvironment: A niche for the next generation of biomedical scientists

On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we are pleased to welcome you to a unique scientific meeting organized BY trainees FOR trainees. Our overall goal for this meeting is to inspire and reinvigorate you scientifically, and to remind you why you love science and why it remains a great career choice.

To kick off our program, Ken Walsh, PhD, an accomplished academic scientist, will deliver the keynote address. He will share his insights into developing and maintaining a successful academic career as well as provide an update on the exciting cardiovascular research ongoing in his lab.

Additionally, we are excited to bring together a talented group of trainees from the muscle biology field that are transitioning out of their postdocs with high impact publications. These young scientists will share their science, as well as the ups and downs they have experienced.

The conference will host a career development panel made up of experienced individuals representing NIH, technology marketing and licensing, pharmaceutical industry, and science writing. The panel will discuss what these careers entail and how one might get into these careers.

We have also planned a poster session, which will add to our interactions and hopefully allow us to share our exciting science and ideas with one another.

We believe this meeting is a very unique scientific conference and expect the program to provide you with a positive and optimistic outlook on your scientific career.

Warm regards,

The conference organizing committee:

Michael Berberoglu, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jinmo Gu, MS, Graduate Fellow
Heather Manring, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jennifer Peterson (chair), PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jonathan Shintaku, Graduate Fellow
Nicolas Wein, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow


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