2nd Cancer Cachexia Conference:
Evolving Mechanisms and Therapies

On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we are pleased to announce the second international meeting devoted to cancer cachexia. This conference is organized under a similar format as the previous seven cachexia conferences, but with an emphasis on a scientific program focused on teaching the clinical manifestations of cachexia in cancer, discussing the molecular mechanisms leading to weight loss and fatigue in cancer patients, identifying common and distinct pathways between cancer and other atrophy conditions, elucidating potential biomarkers, discovering therapeutic targets, and discussing current status of clinical trials, with the intent that such information can be used to better understand how to reverse or prevent the cachexia syndrome in cancer. We look forward to seeing you in Montreal in September.

Marion Couch, M.D., Ph.D., MBA
University of Vermont

Imed Gallouzi, Ph.D.
McGill University

Denis Guttridge (Chair), Ph.D.
Ohio State University Medical Center


Video Invitation from Denis Guttridge, PhD, Conference Chair ยป