3rd Cancer Cachexia Conference –
Advancing Molecular Mechanisms and Therapies

On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we are pleased to announce the third international conference on cancer cachexia. This follows our 2012 Boston and 2014 Montreal meetings.

This year, we are excited about reuniting in Washington DC. Since our last gathering, several events have occurred in the cancer cachexia field that have shaped the organization of our 3rd conference. Articles have appeared implicating new underlying mechanisms for muscle wasting involving cross talk from other tissues. There have also been new efforts to perform whole-genome and proteome-wide studies to identify biomarkers and pathways driving cancer cachexia. In addition, an increasing number of clinical trials have been initiated providing a path forward to the clinic. Based on these recent developments, the organizing committee hopes to achieve the following two goals: 1) To promote new approaches to identify the underlying causes of cancer cachexia; and 2) To increase awareness on clinical trial design and outcome measures. To address these goals, the 3rd conference will include sessions in the program to discuss cross-talk pathways between tissues, appropriate animal models of cancer cachexia, and interpreting large data sets. Further, additional emphasis has been placed on translating basic science findings to the clinic by including an additional half-day session on the design of cancer cachexia clinical trials. We hope these and other activities we are planning for the program will ensure a successful meeting and encourage you to join us in Washington DC in September!



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