Virtual Cancer Cachexia Conference 2020
September 10-11, 2020

Continuing Medical Education


This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

This activity was approved by the Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists for a maximum of 8.0 hours.

Conflict of Interest Disclosures and Session Evaluation Links

Session evaluation links will be provided prior to the session.
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Kenneth C.H. Fearon Keynote Lectureship
Optimizing tumor treatment by new insights in cancer cachexia. No time to waste
Session 1 Evaluation »

Annemie Schols, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Denis Guttridge, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Teresa Zimmers, PhDCOI Disclosure »

Panel Discussion: Where are we in designing the proper trial?
Session 2 Evaluation »

Thomas Jagoe, MDCOI Disclosure »
Tora Solheim, MDCOI Disclosure »
David Currow, MDCOI Disclosure »
Marie Fallon, MDCOI Disclosure »
Barry Laird, PhDCOI Disclosure »

Clinical Advances in Assessments and Management in Cancer Cachexia
Session 3 Evaluation »

Richard Dunne, MDCOI Disclosure »
Jose Garcia, MD, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Eric Roeland, MDCOI Disclosure »
Richard Skipworth, MDCOI Disclosure »
Simon Wing, MDCOI Disclosure »

Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle/Organ Wasting
Session 4 Evaluation »

Imed Gallouzi, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Norbert Perrimon, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Daniel Marks, MD, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Danna Breen, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Andrew Judge, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Paola Costelli, PhDCOI Disclosure »

Next Generation Researchers in Cancer Cachexia
Session 5 Evaluation »

Andrew D’Lugos, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Erin Talbert, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Brian Hain, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Estefanía Simoes FernándezCOI Disclosure »
Joshua Huot, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Brandon VanderVeen, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Rishi Jain, MDCOI Disclosure »
Cynthia Stretch, PhDCOI Disclosure »

Cancer Cachexia Biomarker Initiative and Advancing Therapeutics
Session 6 Evaluation »

Tania Kamphaus, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Teresa Zimmers, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Michael Espey, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Helen Heymann, PhDCOI Disclosure »

Cancer Cachexia Society and Future Conferences
Session 7 Evaluation »

Denis Guttridge, PhDCOI Disclosure »
Marilia Seelaender, PhDCOI Disclosure »
James Carson, PhDCOI Disclosure »

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